5 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

A homeowner is always on the lookout for upgrades to their living spaces. Whether you’re considering renovating your house or deciding to move into a new home, it would certainly help to keep these new interior design trends in mind. They’ve definitely been catching interest in the eyes of the public- enough to land them in our top trends to watch out for in 2019.


Previously when we thought of multi-functional spaces, it would always be associated with small spaces. But now, this ‘less is more’ attitude has spread. More and more people are realizing the benefits and visual satisfaction a multifunctional space can hold. From your bed to your furniture and storage, each can have added features that make them far more versatile. It’s time to use your creativity and identify just how you can up your functionality game.


Many people are obsessed with living minimalistic lifestyles. When this principle is applied to a home, you can see a drastic difference in the household’s atmosphere (for the better!). The home is far more airy, bright and organized and is less prone to clutter. This is why minimalism is becoming a fast favourite with the crowds. It’s low maintenance but high on aesthetic value. Check out www.jgkinghomes.com.au for some eye-catching home designs that just might tickle your fancy!

Big Plants

You may have heard of setting up small, potted plants in your living area but this latest trend urges people to further embrace nature. Chooser a bolder, bigger plant that you can set up next to your sofa in your living room. For example, a dragon tree or palm tree are popular choices. These are refreshing additions to the home but you need to make sure you know what kind of maintenance the plant needs and if it’s well-suited to a life indoors.

Painted Ceilings

2019 sees people making use of the fifth wall in their house- the ceiling! You can either choose a soft shade that compliments the theme of your room or go bold with a pop of colour that adds some much-needed contrast! Making use of the fifth wall is perfect for rooms that you want to give that extra ‘wow factor’ to, like the bedroom or the living room for example. The ceiling has been ignored for far too long- and it’s-time people started taking advantage of it!

Bold accents

Most people love painting their rooms neutral, calming shades. Doing this alone, without adding any visual contrast can create quite a boring visual. Look to add more pops of complimentary colour through accent pieces like rugs or throw cushions. You can even invest in some intricate artwork to decorate your walls but remember to use the bold colours in your scheme sparingly. This is because you want to create just the right balance between your shades.

These are the up and coming trends of 2019 that are bound to keep your home looking absolutely stunning and upgraded to fit in with current times


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