5 Simple And Chic Ways To Use Your Small Balcony

A balcony need not be simply a spot to stand and enjoy the view or breeze. If you allow it, it could be chic and useful as well.

1. Use It For Intimate Entertaining

While entertaining as a whole falls under the broad umbrella of “party” these days, intimate entertaining only happens with someone who you are interested in having a romantic relationship with. Change this fact today. Instead of inviting over a whole bunch of friends, invite just one so you have someone on one time with them. Instead of using the living room to entertain, if the weather permits, bring them out to the balcony. If the timing is right, you’ll be able to enjoy a conversation and coffee out at the balcony while you enjoy the setting sun, or even people watch.

2. Use It As Your Dining Area

If your balcony is just off the kitchen, then it is perfectly situated to use as a dining area for you or your family of two. If you’re not fond of eating outdoors while the mosquitos or bugs surround you in the night and evening times, have only a breakfast out there. Create a breakfast nook out in the balcony for yourself by getting comfortable yet cheap outdoor furniture. This should include seating with cushions as well as a table to hold your coffee and breakfast. A shelf or a cabinet to house your coffee cup, cereal bowls, and your usual breakfast items will make it easier on you as well. Don’t forget to have a thick blanket handy to snuggle in on chilly mornings! 

3. Use It To Catch Up With Nature

Most people we know would love to own a garden of their own, but claim either that they lack the time for taking care of plants, or that they don’t have the necessary space for plants in their homes. We disagree with both! If you really want to cultivate gardening as a hobby, then make time¾you always make time for the things that are important to you. As for the lack of space, a simple balcony is sufficient to create a thriving home garden that will help you connect with nature at any given time! You can even use a mat of artificial grass to spruce things us further!

4. Use It As A Home Office

For this, you have two options. You could either use the balcony as it is and work basking in the sunlight while the outside sounds keep you company; or seal off the balcony against outside elements as well as outside distractions. The first is ideal for a nature lover, or someone who can afford to get distracted without losing his train of thought. The second is more appropriate for someone who is easily distracted, or even someone whose work involves paperwork¾which may fly off in a gust of wind if left unattended.

5. Use It As Your Reading Spot

If you’re an avid reader, then you wouldn’t have any issue reading seated, standing or lying down. But if you really think about it, every reader has a secret wish to have a spot specifically allocated for their passion. A spot where they can have a comfy chair in, be it a rocking chair, a swinging chair, or even an overstuffed armchair. A spot they can store their books safely and prettily. A spot ideal to create in a balcony.


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