5 Ways to Impress a Client While They Wait For You

Impressing clients can be vital for good business; especially if they happen to be potential clients considering hiring you. And while we are sure your company can impress them in your efficiency and skill alone, it’s never a waste to know a few other tricks to impress clients…! Here are a few tips to help you impress your clients even before you meet them officially.

Why Start to Impress Only When They’re At Your Door?

Why would you wait to impress your clients after they step into your work building when you can start to do so right from the parking lot? Have a secure, well lit parking space to begin with. Take it to the next level by hiring a classy and impressive valet service for your business parking space. Too expensive a deal to have all year long? Not to worry; use such services when you’re expecting important/career changing clients…!

Your Front Desk; the Face of Your Company

Your front desk is essentially the face of your company. This means those who man the front desk need to be efficient and pleasant. Without a doubt, this cannot be achieved without proper training, so make sure you give your staff the necessary training to fulfil their duties with skill and ease. Highlight the importance of being polite and pleasant, but to be careful about being overlypleasant. In our opinion, the best trainers for this job are valued, senior employees of your company.

A Professional Touch On Your Walls, Floors and Décor

When it comes to decorating our homes, we are all about the DIY. Not only is it an excellent way to cut costs, it’s also a great way to make memories! Besides, it’s the imperfections that make great stories in the time to come. However, when it comes to professional buildings, we strongly believe in opting for professional painters and interior decorators. For example, Decorative edge painting and professional setups need to be done by those who specialize in it!

Innovativeness and Comfort at Its Best

More often than not, your clients are just as busy as you. This being said, there’s a high possibility that they might not even notice the interior decoration of the waiting space. However, what they will notice is discomfort. Aim to have the Air condition of the room at a comfortable temperature; not too cold or too warm. Arrange for high-speed WI-FI for that area at the very least; if not your entire company. It’s also a great idea to have innovative yet comfortable chairs in the waiting area to ensure they feel cosy and content while they wait for you.

Attentiveness and Refreshments

Although best avoided, running late for important meetings is not unheard of; especially in today’s traffic situation throughout the world. However, if you want your meeting to go smoothly once you arrive, without the client’s frustration getting in the way, it’s vital that you keep your client happy while you’re arriving for the meeting/setting up. The comfort we mentioned above helps a great deal in this mission. Additionally, it’s also best to have some of your best-spoken staff watching over them; making sure to offer refreshments while they wait.


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