6 Things You Need to Know About Renovating Old Homes

Renovating a home is tricky enough but doing so with an older house comes with its fair share of concerns. However, if you want to take this house and make it your dream home, then this article will help you understand exactly what it is you’re in for. Here’s everything you need to know on common renovating issues homeowners face when it comes to old homes.


This is a highly toxic element that only remains in old homes today. Thus, your first course of action would be to get rid of it because it really does take its toll on your respiratory system. It’s not advised to take this project on yourself- you’re going to have to get professional help that knows how to safely clean out this substance.


There are two types of damp for you to watch out for- rising damp, which usually takes on the form of powdery mould or damp patches. This usually looks like it’s rising up from floor. Penetrating damp occurs in a more vertical form from broken pipes, cluttered gutters or poor drainage. So this usually results in peeling paint or rotting windows and doors.


Electrical systems in older homes might be dangerous for several reasons. In older times, there were very few appliances using electricity so the capacity needed was much less. Now, moving into an old home where every room has its fair share of technology, means that wiring systems are likely to be overloaded. The fact that they’re so outdated means that they also could have deteriorated throughout the years and might give way to electrocution if roughly handled. Essentially, you’ll have to upgrade this entire system.


Once again, plumbing matters would probably have severely deteriorated over the years and you’re most likely to run into dampness, issues with drainage and sewerage etc. Contact Simoes Plumbing & Maintenance Services for professional help on the matter because you can’t exactly move in without addressing the possibility of leaks and drainage problems.


Termites are the most persistent pest old homes tend to face. These little cretins just eat away at the house’s structure, and you’ll usually find a trail of sawdust-like droppings wherever they are. They can spread and infest the entire house so usually when you have yourself an infestation, you have no choice but to call for professional help even though it can be costly. Usually after the treatment there’ll still be more work to be done in terms of carpentry to get your house’s structure up to scratch.


If you’re extremely unlucky, you’ll find that you’ve been landed with a house that has an unstable foundation. This can be extremely dangerous to live in so you’ll have no choice but to have this addressed. And always make it a point to conduct a thorough investigation before moving so you understand what type of structural damage you’re dealing with here.

These are the most important things you need to know when it comes to renovating that old house! They just need a little more tender, loving care than most to get back in shape!


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