8 Must-Haves in Your Emergency Plumbing Kit

Having an emergency plumbing kit at home would help you take care of things before they get worse. Below are all the things you’ll need.


Probably the easiest item you could get would be a bucket. You don’t have to look at a hardware store to purchase one. Just about any store would do. The item would make a good purchase, as you’d be buying something that would handle leaks whenever they take place.

Unfortunately, you may live in an old house. Whenever rains hit, the roof would leak but the bucket would save the day. Just don’t get something with a super hard base – a loud sound would be made when drops fall. A 5-gallon option would be the best.


Whether you’d be dealing with leaks from the roof or the kitchen sink, old clothes would be needed. The rags would absorb any water that has been collected. This prevents a dangerous situation, as you could very likely slip and fall.

Tissues aren’t a smart choice. They can only handle so much liquid. And you’d regularly be going through them, so you’d constantly have to purchase new boxes.


You can’t use just add any tape to seal pipes. Ordinary options weren’t made to handle water, so the adhesive would fail after a while. And the tape might not even adhere in the first place. There are special plumbing tapes – they have polyurethane layers to bounce water off.

Speaking of polyurethane, you could grab a polyurethane sealant too. The sealants provide super high-tensile support. They’re so reliable that they’re not only used in plumbing but also in construction. You’d be smart to include the item in your box.

Allen Keys

Most faucets have been installed with Allen screws. You’ll be able to unhinge them with the help of Allen keys. Not just faucets, but showerheads are installed with the keys a lot of the time. Depending on where you live, getting a hold of the tool might be hard. Don’t be afraid to purchase online.


Dealing with a clogged toilet? A plunger would come to the rescue. There are two main types – the flange type would have a large face that would work on your toilet. Cup plungers exist as well. Due to their flat shape, they can’t be used on toilets. They’re used to unclog sinks and floor drains.

As the two of them have separate uses, have both of them stored in your home.


You won’t be able to tighten pipes without the aid of wrenches. They come in all kinds of sizes – getting an assortment would be a smart choice.

On the topic of pipes, you’ll need screwdrivers. Instead of owning multiple, you can get a hold of multi-bit options.

Final Thoughts

Having a basic plumbing kit in your home is a good idea. Whenever a situation strikes, you’ll be able to take care of it. Probably the easiest thing you could get would be a bucket. Make things easier for yourself and get multi-bit screwdrivers instead of the regular kind too.


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