Be Summer Ready with These Tips

Summer is one of the best times of the year. Lots of fun things and activities can be one during summer such as swimming, picnicking, backyard barbeque party, and many more. Your home sure needs a lot of updating when the seasons change from winter to summer. Even if it’s still months away, it pays a lot to prepare your home in advance for this fun season. Here are some tips that could help you embrace those sunny days ahead.

Say Goodbye to Winter

After winter, you don’t need those thick rugs, draperies, blankets and other things that keep you warm during the season so they should be stored away. Use lightweight curtains on windows to promote air flow around your home. You may also install some window blinds to block excess sunlight. Don’t forget to replace heating appliances with cooling ones such as fans and air conditioning units to keep cool during warm summer days.

Liven Up Your Garden

The garden contributes a lot in your home’s exterior beauty and curb-side appeal so make sure that it is in full bloom when summer comes. Keep your garden well maintained by removing weeds, trimming shrubs, mowing the lawn and inspect for bugs. Don’t forget to provide enough water for your plants to stay lively even on hot sunny days.

Be Prepared for Guests

Summer is the best time for backyard parties so it is expected that guests will surely come to your home during this season. Freshen up the look of your deck so you’ll have someplace to receive visitors. Clean up the guest room to be ready anytime a relative, friend or a visitor is staying for some time. Summer afternoons are perfect for backyard barbeque parties so be sure your barbeque set is up and ready for use anytime. Also, stock up on supplies such as extra food, drinks, toiletries and other necessities to avoid getting off guard by unexpected visits.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

When the summer sunshine enters your home, you’ll surely see lots of accumulated dust and dirt from the previous season. Spare some time in dusting, vacuuming and mopping around your home to keep it clean and presentable. Check the filters of your air conditioning unit to see if it needs cleaning. After cleaning, open up the windows to let fresh air fill in and circulate all around your home.

Do Some DIY Home Projects

Summer is the best time to do some sweaty home projects such as painting and updating some features of your home. Grab your tools and start those home improvement projects that are long been waiting to be done during the previous season.

Stock Up On Summer Essentials

Make sure you have those summer essentials ready such as a sunscreen, sunblock and insect repellent solution. Have your beach bag ready for a fun trip to the beach.

Those were just simple chores to do. However, when you prepare in advance, you can surely embrace and enjoy summer at its fullest.


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