Beating the Heat- 7 Ways to Cool Your Home Down and Live Comfortably

As a home owner, a hot home is your enemy as you’ll be blasting your AC up, running your utility bill through the roof.  Fortunately for you, there is a range of things you can do to cool your home down. The best about them is, they’re all pretty easy to do. So, what’re you waiting for? Why don’t you read ahead?

What Type of Curtains Do You Have?

Your curtains influence how hot it gets. If your home has been hotter than hell, your curtains are most likely pretty thin. At first, having thicker curtains may not make sense, but they’re great at cooling spaces down. They’re thick, so they prevent heat from entering. Your best bet would be to get a curtain that’s dark in colour as it’ll absorb the heat as well, not letting it wreak havoc. And if you didn’t know, thick curtains aren’t that expensive.

Are Your Doors Open?

You need to prevent cool air from escaping. You can’t see it, so this seems impossible, right? It’s not if you shut all of the doors in your house. If no one is in a room, keeping it open would allow the cool air to enter. As they’re empty, this would be in vain as you’d rather have the air directed to you.

What Type of Windows Do You Have?

Along with thick curtains, you need thick windows. They can’t be just any type though; you need something that is double paned. There’s a layer of gas between the sheets, which acts as an insulating layer. The harsh heat from the outdoors will not be able to penetrate the barrier.

Ditch Your Incandescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are the worst light bulbs you could have. They’re known as not being energy efficient, which is why they emit a lot of heat. Not only do they heat you up, adding onto the summer heat, they are horrible for your energy bill. So, what’s stopping you from making the switch?

Focus on Yourself

To stay cool, you’ll need to pamper yourself. Taking regular, cool baths would help you tackle the heat. Having things like free standing hammocks in your room would help you relax, and cool down. Moreover, wearing light clothes is key as you won’t be trapping heat between the many layers, and you won’t be sweating as much.

What’re You Sleeping On?

What your bed sheets are made of will influence how comfortable you’ll sleep. Get rid of things like silk, and focus on cotton. The material is extremely breathable, and will let air cool you down while you rest. Not many people realize this, having sheets that are thick, which makes them sweat.

Where Is Your Furniture Positioned?

Heat emits from your windows. To stay cool, having your furniture as far away from your windows as possible. This shouldn’t be too hard to do, as you can imagine.

Over all, there are many more things you could do, but we ran through our favourites. So, what did you think?


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