Easy Ways To Manage Hotel Maintenance

When running a hotel, regardless of the size and popularity, there are a certain number of things that you will need to have looked into to ensure that you are providing exemplary service.

And since happy customers lead to a profitable business, making sure that you invest correctly in your business and maintain it well is of great importance. When it comes to maintaining your hotel it is important to identify and sort your maintenance needs under four topics; namely corrective, preventive, regular and emergency.

Once you have done this, you have some sort of an idea of how much you will have to spend for each of those different kinds of maintenance needs as they arise.


One of the most effective and important kind of maintenance in my opinion is preventive maintenance or repairs. By taking proactive measures, you will make sure that your business is running smoothly and all repairs and services are done and will not thereby result in a loss of any kind for your hotel;

for instance, not being able to give out a room because of a faulty air conditioner. To do this you may want to hire or have a company have a look at the current situation of all the maintenance that would need to be done. Talk to commercial waterproofing Perth for instance.

A good example of this would be having an air conditioner cleaning company coming in regularly and servicing the appliance on a regular basis will leave you with a lot less problem where repairs are concerned


The next type is corrective maintenance. This is when repairs need to be made after an appliance on an item after it has broken down or when it needs to be replaced. At this point, you will be looking at a much higher cost and a possible time where the appliance would not be able to be in use at all.


Another type of maintenance is routine care. This includes regular checks on appliances in the rooms, getting a team to manage the carpet cleaning in the rooms or in the lounge areas, checking if lights and bathroom fittings are in order soon after a guest leaves and before a new guest arrives.

Having these routine checks will help you and the management of your hotel to be proactive which will lead to preventive measures being taken to avoid problems.


These are unplanned repairs that would need to be taken up instantly; like a faulty light or a broken tap. For this, the hotel will have to have a repairman on call to deal with the problem promptly. You will also have to have a standard action plan should some of these things occur so that the individuals on call will know what to do to handle the problem till the repairman arrives.

Therefore, being aware of what should be done on a regular basis and what has to be done in case of an emergency can improve the standard of your hotel and have your guests coming back more.


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