Household Problems to Fix Before You Move In

You must have found your dream home and all set to move in, however there are a few things that need to be taken care of before you move in. the house could be brand new or used, but still you will run into a few quirks. It is better to get these out of the way before you bring all your furniture in, spend hours cleaning the house and setting it all up. So here are some things to get done beforehand.

  1. Pest control

Pests can be hassle if not taken care of soon. Rodents, mice and rats and even insects spread like wildfire and damage your entire house. Even if you don’t see any pests around, it is better to get the pest control guy to do some rounds. They know exactly where to inspect and how to reach difficult places such as the attic, basement, foundation and between the walls. Pest control involves spraying poisonous gas and hence you won’t be able to live at the house for a few days. so, get this done before you move in.

  • Broken locks

Safety is the most important feature of a home. Your house needs to be a safe haven that you feel comfortable in. this is not possible if you have faulty locks on doors and windows. Most people assume the locks are fine and simply move in, later to find out they are not. Bring a locksmith and fix all broken locks on doors that open to the outside and inside the house and windows. Even if the locks are in good shape, it is better to change them since the previous owners and real estate agent may have the duplicate keys to your place. Is it also vital that you ensure the doors and windows seal properly so that you will not have problems with heating in the winter.

  • Cosmetic issues

Fixing up the walls, ceilings and floors and painting them needs to be done before you move in since it will be a hassle to cover or move furniture around. Patch up any holes on the floors, give the house a thorough cleaning, do some home renovations such as remodeling the kitchen and at least get a basic coat of white paint on if you cannot wait till the entire thing is done. Later on you can paint the rooms the way you like. An important point to note is, get the plumbing fixed too since if there are any leaks, the paint will be ruined.


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