How To Add Personality To Your Garden

I love my garden. I pour my heart and soul into it. Many gardeners feel the same way as I do. And why wouldn’t they? We slave over it, perfecting and beautifying it as our lives depend on it. It may seem like labour, but it’s a wonderful way to destress. In fact, science has proven that being out, gardening, allows individuals to feel various health benefits such as lower blood pressure and clearer thinking.

Now, if your garden can treat you so well, it deserves the best. That’s why you need to do it up. There are various ways you can further beautify your garden, adding much needed personality. Get ready, In this article we’ll be discussing all of that.

Say Hello To Your Ceramic Friends!

Everyone loves gnomes! Although many individuals find them quite.. creepy. I’d like to beg to differ. Gardens with our little ceramic friends ooze friendliness and homeliness. Their whimsical feel absolutely looks inviting. Unfortunately, not many people have them about their gardens anymore. Maybe you can fix that?

If gnomes are not the ones for you, don’t fear, you have more options. Less creepy of the two, ceramic birds are also quite wonderful. The type of bird you may pick will add a different type of personality. Funnily, a lot of individuals choose ceramics of penguins to add a comical feel, while birds like flamingos are used for elegance, especially when placed around a body of water such as a pond.

Pots Can Be Boring!

Pots are great, yeah, they get the job done, but they can be a sore to look at. Why just have a legion of plain pots around when you could divulge in the delights of a plant stand? You probably know what plant stands are, but if you don’t, they’re decorated, usually metal frames that act as ‘seats’ for the added pots. My garden is adorned with an array of these stands, and I even have some indoors.

As they’re made with metal, they are moulded into various different configurations. This is great if you want to make your garden seem more elegant and refined. It also carries the same feel inside the house as well.

Not just for plant stands, but you could go the hanging baskets route. They’re exactly what the name entails; hanging baskets. They save you space and when adorned on a porch, allows for a cascade of flowers that would be sure the leave any guest mesmerized.

Irrigation Is Great

Sprinklers are a personal favorite of mine. Not only are they fun for your kids and pets, but certainly finds a way to add personality into your garden. They’re a must for me, and when I first got into gardening, I instantly googled irrigation supplies online store for some.

Frankly, I don’t know why they’re so charming, but it could be due to the amount of fun it entails for your little ones.

Hopefully, my suggestions will bring personality to your beloved garden.


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