How to Contemporize Your Kitchen?

Whether you’re planning to sell or intend on living in your house for decades to come, your kitchen is definitely supposed to be the centrepiece of the property. If the kitchen hasn’t been upgraded in decades, it’s high time you modernized it! With the use of various colours, fixtures and designs, there are plenty of ways you can bring more life into your kitchen- here’s our advice on how to go about it:


We’ll start with the most neglected aspect of the room- the flooring. If your flooring is worn out or outdated, it could be adding significant years to your kitchen that you don’t even realize. Try switching your flooring out for material like wood, tile or stone. These give off a more timeless look and are definitely trends that will persevere over the years.

The Metals

If you have any metal fixtures that haven’t been changed in decades, it’s time to consider replacing them if they don’t give off a vintage feel. Nowadays, modern designs welcome more stainless steel, copper or matte aluminium options. Re-doing your drawer pulls and lighting fixtures with these materials will give the space a more sophisticated, contemporary edge.

Open Shelving

Is your kitchen overcrowded because of upper cabinetry? Walls and walls of upper cabinetry tend to suffocate a kitchen but this is the one room where you need such storage capacity. There’s a simple fix for this! Remove them and invest in an open shelving concept instead! Not only does this create much more free space in the room but it allows you to be more decorative as well.

Modern Countertops

The countertops take up a wide portion of space in your kitchen so if this isn’t appealing, it could make your entire room unattractive. Switch out the outdated tile-and-grout for one of the endless modern options on the market. The reconstituted kitchen benchtops Melbourne come in natural stone varieties such as marble and granite, which are by far one of the more stylish choices out there.


Many family members and guests tend to congregate in the kitchen as the night wears on so most modern spaces tend to add seating to the mix. Countertop stools or an addition of a bench near the window would be a great way to make your kitchen pop out. It may also help bring the family together- while you do the cooking, the kids can take their seats and do their work!


If your cabinets are starting to look a little dull around the edges, a simple solution would be to give them a paint job! You could either opt for a bright, pastel shade or something richer in nature depending on the theme of your house but the fact remains that this simple hack can transform your space!

Using these simple tips, you can modernize your kitchen in no time! Remember, you want to go for a sharp, minimalistic look that can only be accentuated by spaciousness and crisp, clean colours.


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