How To Make The Most Of Your Living Space!

It’s not everyone who is able to choose their own space to live in because accommodation relies on a variety of options as well as factors and sometimes your best option isn’t the ideal one for you. However, your own living space whether it be a penthouse suite or a studio apartment will definitely be a place of comfort and memories even if it’s given at a transitory  place in your life. A living space is many things. It is a place etched with all your secrets your guilty pleasures as well as happy memories and maybe sometimes tearful goodbyes. Whatever it is- your living space must at all times reflect the best of you. So here are some simple ways to do so.

The Maximize Your Space Rule

Don’t like that cupboard? Well get rid of it and use storage boxes of a variety of different shapes and sizes and colors to add light to your space. Whether you live in a large house or even a tiny apartment it is important to maximize your space. In theory, although having a few large items seem practical after setting it up you realize that it is far from practical. You don’t want to have to tread over your bed to get to that mirror every morning, do you? So think smart. Invest in mirrors to make your space look larger and compliment the overall aesthetic.

Green, Green And More Green

If you are living in the leading accommodation in Geelong then you must know that having some greenery is what will set even a bad day straight. A common misconception is that when it comes to smaller spaces most often than not people tend to associate it with crammed spaces with absolutely no garden space. However, this is completely wrong! It all comes down to how well you can analyze space. Choose a small corner or even a window sill and invest in some quirky indoor plants or even some succulents to really jazz up your space and allow it to get the best of you. Bright days with lots of clean air and just a few bugs are guaranteed!

Add Your Own Personal Touch

A persons character traits and their personality can be judged by looking at their living space so ensure that in order for you to seek comfort in your own space that time and time again you add your own personal touch to your space. It means everything! Don’t hesitate to even paint the walls black or blood red if that is your inclination.

Invest in some quirky second-hand furniture maybe even some scented candles if you’re that kind. Nothing says Bohemian like some dream catches and some DIY rustic candle stands. Don’t let anything hold you back. If your home is a family home then hang up the kids’ drawings and maybe some nostalgic photographs because that is the only way to let your space get the best of you and for you to get the best out of your space!


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