How to Make Your Home Standout in Your Neighbourhood

Has your neighbourhood started to sort of look all the same to you? All the house fading into a single continuum of the same one house? Do you feel like every new house that comes up is just another replica of what already exists? So, I think it would be pretty understandable if you wanted to either renovate your home, if you had simply purchased an already built home or you want to newly build your home in a completely different way to stand out in your neighbourhood.

It is completely understandable that you want your home to look different and not just another one of the replicas in your neighbourhood; as an added bonus, it is also super awesome to be the home that stands out in the neighbourhood, people will notice your home, appreciate its uniqueness and who knows and may be your will even make some new friends in the neighbourhood and get a cool nickname like the ‘lady with the cool house’.

The possibilities are limitless when you are the one that stands out – and when I mean you, I mean your house, obviously. Don get me wrong, you don’t have to necessarily change a whole heap to look like the most unique home in the neighbourhood, you might not even have to do too much, just a few simple changes here and there can bring out a whole new look. Or, you can be bold and make a big change that will really give the word ‘unique’ a whole new meaning. I mean when it comes down to you, it’s all up to you on how you want to have your home looking; just to get you started off, here are some changes you could do:

Make Your Doors and Windows More Interesting

They say your eyes are the windows to you soul, and in this case, the windows are the way to your home, will not literally, because if you let anyone in through your window instead of the door to your home then there’s a good chance that they will not return, haha just saying. Well, anyway, the point that I am trying to make is that making your doors and windows rather interesting is one way to make your whole home look unique.

Think about it, generally have you noticed that most people focus on making the interior super gorgeous and often neglect the exterior; the sad part is that anyone looking from the outside is totally not going to notice the interior. So get some custom awnings Melbourne or any city that you live in and make your windows and doors interesting and not just plain.

Keep the Area around Your Home Nice a Tidy

Any space outside your gate or fence is also technically your area even though you may not own that property, so make sure to either grow some grass and have some flowers or just generally keep it once and tidy rather than letting it go all wild and unruly.


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