How To Stay Safe During Roof Repairs

For those handy with tools and repairs, they would not be able to sit still if there is something in their home that needed fixing. Even if it is something that should be done by specialists because it is dangerous, like roof repairs. If you are one of those that are DIYers, you have to prioritize your safety while doing these repairs.

Some of these safety reminders that you have to follow is using safety harness, wearing proper shoes, never going to the roof during harsh weather conditions and inspecting the roof for any loose shingles. But you have to remember that no matter how careful you are, there is still a possibility and being prepared for that possibility would also ensure that no life would be lost in the event of an accident.

Use Safety Harnesses

Using safety harnesses is a must since the location of the repairs is on the roof which is a dangerous place to be in if you fall. Using a harness would guarantee that even if you slip, the harness would prevent a fast descent. Even if you have safety harnesses on, you have to make sure as well that the ladder you are using is secure. This is one of the major causes of accidents during roof repairs, an unsecured and poorly placed ladder. Don’t place it on unstable ground or slippery slope. Double check your safety harness as well, that it is always fastened on a secure anchor system.

Wear Proper Shoes With Grip Soles

Another thing you have to be sure that you are wearing are proper shoes with grip soles, to ensure that you would not slip while you are on the roof. Even if you are already wearing a harness, still avoid slipping so you would not be involved in any untoward accidents. With shoes that have grip soles, the traction would keep you from sliding.

Never Go On A Roof During Harsh Weather Conditions Or Immediately After

Even if you found out there are some repairs that need to be done on the roof while it’s raining, don’t go during harsh weather conditions or immediately after. If you live in blacktown or any other areas that experience rains, snow and other extreme weather, avoid going up the roof immediately afterwards because it would be dangerous and slippery.

Inspect The Roof For Loose Shingles

If you stepped on loose shingles, it could cause you to slip. These loose shingles could also be the cause of roof leaks. So not only are these loose shingles dangerous when you do the repairs, it would also be a source of costly repairs for damaged home interiors.

Working on roof repairs are dangerous since not all roofs are designed for foot traffic. By doing and following these tips, the risk of falls from heights could be avoided. Ensure that you are using proper equipment and that you are on a lookout for potential dangers that might happen while you are doing roof repairs.


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