My House Is Too Big For Me- What Do I Do?

I’ve lived in rather small homes all my life. However, I recently purchased a lovely new house. It was my dream home. I adored it’s new charm and attitude and it offered me something that my old homes simply could not, it was bigger- much bigger. This home although not a mansion offered square footage that I always dreamt of! I was happy, but was soon met with a barrage of problems that I was previous never met with. If you too have a big home then you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’re lucky. Yes, blessed with something all people want but it’s not easy.

Lucky for us, These obstacles that owning a big house entails have easy solutions. Through experience, I’ve found the following solutions that make these issues manageable. Let’s talk about them. Keep on reading to have your big-home problems solved. Let’s go.

Do You Ever Feel Unsafe?

Living in a big house brings in the prying eyes of others. This unwanted attention can be detrimental to your safety. When I first moved into my new home I felt a bit unsafe. I knew I needed to do something about this but what? That’s why I invested in a state of the art security system.

I got my hands on security cameras for my home as well as the exterior. With the cameras placed at the entrance of the home, thieves would be disheartened from entering as they know they are being watched.

Not just for a cascade of security cameras, but also an alarm system. I can sleep soundly at night knowing that no harm is ready to befall on me as my alarm system is always on. If anyone tries to enter, an alert will be tripped that would instantly awaken me.

You Need A Lift?

It wouldn’t be outlandish if you get a platform lift, so have them built. They’re not as expensive as you think and helps when your home is simply too big to navigate around.  This works especially if you have a family member who has a disability as they can’t easily move around the home.

Do You Have too much space?

Although having a big house is amazing, the extra space can make you feel lonely. So what are you supposed to do with this? There’s no one to sleep on the extra beds so use the rooms for something you’ll need.

You can easily convert them into something that would bring joy into your life. For example, get yourself an at home gym! This is fairly easy to do and only requires the equipment which is very accessible. If not for this, get yourself a game room.

Not only will these suggestions make your home feel more comfortable but will greatly increase its land value. This is great because if you ever want to sell your home you’ll be bringing in a profit. So, did you enjoy the article? Hope my suggestions helped you.


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