Steps to Becoming a Professional Plumber

If you are interested in becoming a professional plumber, there are some things to consider. The below steps and list enumerate on how you could have a career in the plumbing industry. Once you are a licensed plumber, there are numerous opportunities for you and the chance to earn money is very high. There are different steps to becoming a licensed plumber in every country, state or city. But there are some requirements that are common and basic which you have to fulfill to earn your certification.

Earn Your Basic Education

Before you take classes to become a professional plumber you need to have a high school diploma first and must have passed subjects like Geometry, Algebra, Biology. Knowing how to read, write and perform basic mathematical operations is necessary since accurate water measurement is a requirement for the job. Having high marks and advanced knowledge on the subjects Math and Science would help ensure you are doing your work right when you become a plumber.

Earn Your Technical Education

After earning your basic education, you need to enroll in a technical school to learn the basic trade of plumbing. Before you earn your certification, some professional boards require that you have a certain number of hours studying plumbing courses. These technical plumbing courses are offered in public and private schools, trade institutions and or local community colleges. Some of the topics that you need to study for involve basic electrical and water heater systems, plumbing codes, draining, pipe cutting, soldering and venting.

If it is also offered, make sure that you take drafting classes and how to read blueprints as extra courses since these would be beneficial for you in the future. Passing these courses and having high marks would ensure that reputable plumbing companies would hire you as soon as you have your certification. Places like V1 Commercial Plumbing Sydney are some of the most reputed plumbing companies in Australia. They employ plumbers who have earned their technical education.

Earn An Apprenticeship

Once you have the necessary theoretical knowledge, it is necessary that you manage to link this knowledge to practical application. Earning an apprenticeship program would help you see how an experienced plumber really does the job. For a certain duration of the period being an apprentice, you would gain the necessary experience on how to apply what you have learned in technical school. Doing an apprenticeship program could be completed while you are still studying. An apprenticeship covers all part of the trade and would prepare you to be the best plumber you can be.

Earn Your License

There are certain areas that would require professional plumbers to pass a written and practical exam before you earn your license. It is also a requirement that you earn your degree and you finish your apprenticeship before you take the licensing exam. While you are waiting for the licensing exam date, it is recommended that you take mock exams and review more materials.

Once you have your license, you could grow in the industry by making sure that you complete other training that you deem appropriate and would help you further your career as a plumber.


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