The Advantages of Using Concrete

Concrete is one of the most widely-used materials in constructions. It’s utilized to make everything from simple residential driveways to the largest skyscrapers. Why exactly is concrete so popular? What are the benefits it brings to the table? Let’s find out:

It Is Extremely Strong

If concrete wasn’t strong, then it wouldn’t be used to make tall structures all across the globe. Concrete, by default, has high compressive stress, which is a measurement of how much it’s able to resist being compressed when pressure is applied to it. Typically, concrete has a compressive stress of about 4000 psi, which is quite excellent.

While concrete doesn’t have the highest tensile stress that can easily be compensated for with some reinforcement. Rebar, especially stainless steel and carbon steel rebar can allow concrete slabs to withstand incredible of amounts of tensile force without undergoing any deformations in the process.

It Is Durable

Concrete isn’t just strong; it also boasts a long lifespan. The typical concrete slab can last up to thirty years, given that the environmental conditions are ideal. With reinforcement, the lifespan can be increased further.

Concrete, for the most part, can handle extremes of temperature and still hold up well for several years. It is also fire-resistant, meaning that it will be relatively easier to rebuild after a disaster. It’s fire-resistance abilities are primarily due to the amount calcium silicate hydrate present inside of it, which gives it the ability of tolerating temperatures up to 910 Degrees Celsius. Concrete is quite bad at conducting heat, which allows it to resist it for up to six hours. This gives firefighters plenty of time to arrive at the scene if the structure ever catches on fire.

Concrete’s ability to withstand things is directly dependent on its composition and production process as a whole. With EXE panels, you get a cement, water, sand and lime that have been subject to really high pressures and temperatures. As a result, you get a concrete mix that’s extremely durable and strong.

It’s Relatively Cheap to Produce

If you’re on a budget when building your home or office space, forget building materials like steel or polymers. Concrete is the way to go.

First of all, concrete is primarily made from cement, aggregates and water in specific ratios. All of these are widely available anywhere at inexpensive prices. Secondly, there are more contractors who work with concrete than most other building materials. This high amount of supply in the market, keeps the cost of services at a very economical range.

It Can Harden at Regular Temperatures

Concrete doesn’t require nuanced environmental conditions to be poured and cured. In fact, you can pour it and let is set at room or ambient temperature and it will be perfectly fine.

Even if the weather is never quite normal in the location this structure will stand, you can prepare the concrete slabs with the use of admixtures.

As you can see, there are several important advantages that concrete brings to the table. It’s extremely strong, durable, economical and isn’t fastidious when it comes to the production process.


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