The Importance Of A Dilapidation Report

Dilapidation reports often come in handy when you are in the process of construction. Building and demolishing buildings seems like a simple process. However, before the process can be put into action certain factors have to be taken into account such as dilapidation reports.

What Is It?

Dilapidation reports are reports which provide insightful information on all there is to know about the condition of a property. In order for dilapidation reports in Melbourne to be done properly, they should be put together by a competent building consultant. The consultant should also have an understanding of the property and the surrounding properties in order to be able to put together an efficient and reliable report.

What To Include

 Dilapidation reports offer insightful and useful information about the property through the use of diagrams, notes, photographs and measurements. In order for the report to be accurate, the measurements need to be taken properly, the photographs should be taken from the appropriate angles and the diagrams should be clear.

Is It Needed?

Whether a dilapidation report is needed or not will depend on where your property is located and what is required by law. Therefore a dilapidation report may not always be needed however, it is important that you look into the details of whether the report is needed or not before you proceed. Contacting your local building authority will also be helpful in helping you understand the purpose of a dilapidation report.

 It will also be helpful in helping you understand whether you need one or not in order to carry out the construction project. However, having a dilapidation report will be beneficial because even if it is not required by law for you to have a dilapidation report, having one can help you when you avoid litigation when it comes to the neighbours. If your neighbours complain that the construction you are carrying out has affected your home in any way, a dilapidation report will be useful.

Avoid Disputes

Dilapidation reports aid in avoiding disputes as heavy construction can result in damage being done to nearby properties. However, a dilapidation report gives you permission to carry out the construction thereby preventing disputes from occurring. It aids in mitigating the blame caused by indirect damage to a third party property. Without a dilapidation report, the consequences of this damage can be much more severe.

Therefore a dilapidation report helps in containing the situation and it prevents it from blowing out of proportion. It will also help you save time, money and give you peace of mind as you can avoid litigation. Litigation can cause you a lot of money, time and stress however a dilapidation report can help you in avoiding all these factors. It also aids in preventing fraudulent claims and therefore aids in preventing legal issues. Dilapidation reports not only aids in solving disputes in an instant but it also helps in preventing problems from being taken further. However, in order for a dilapidation report to be effective it has to be drawn out successfully.


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