The Problems Water Leaks Can Cause In A Home

You may think a little water in your home can be harmless but if a water leak leads to a big leak it can have major consequences on your home. Therefore you should make sure that you take the necessary precautions to prevent this from occurring.

Health Hazard

A leak or flood in your home can result in serious health hazards. For example, the water leak could create mold and fungi to grow within your home. These organisms produce spores which can pollute the air creating a serious health hazard.

Structural Damage

A heavy water leak can lead to structural damage to a home. Structures collapsing, discolouration of walls and water streaks on the walls are some consequences of a leak. Not only can these be costly to repair but it can also be dangerous. For example, especially if the house is old certain parts of the house may not be able to withstand heavy pressure. Therefore if the water pressure from the leak is too much for a certain structure of the house to withstand it could result in that structure collapsing. If you have gotten a fresh paint job done in your home and if you have a leak at the same time then you should be aware that the leak could result in the discoloration of the walls which would make the fresh coat of paint fade away.

Value Of The House

If you were looking to put your house on the market you should be aware that having leaks in your pipes will result in you having to bring down the value of your home. If you are not willing to fix the damages before you sell the house then it is important that you inform potential buyers about this. However, if you were to bring down the price then potential buyers may still consider purchasing the home as then they themselves can do the repairs.


When hiring you should make sure that the individual you hire to get the job done is both efficient and competent. For example, if you want to get a broken pipe fixed and leaks looked into then it would be best to hire a backflow plumber in Melbourne. It would also help you to understand why or how the leak occurred as this can help you prevent future leaks. It will also be beneficial if you were to get all the pipes in your home checked to ensure that the same leak that occurred in one pipe will not occur in the next.

Look For The Signs

It will help you to know what sings you have to look for in order to know when a pipe is about to leak or burst. For example, if you get an odor coming from the pipes then this is a sign that the pipes may leak. Therefore this will enable you to hire a plumber to look into the matter before the pipe burst.


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