The Various Kinds Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters come in different materials, sizes and shapes. The choices are endless and you might have a hard time deciding on what to purchase. It would be best if you know the different materials used in making these plantation shutters for you to determine which kind works best for your requirement, your budget and your home’s style.


Undoubtedly the most common and the most popular, plantation shutters made out of wood is one of the best kind of plantation shutter. It is durable, versatile and is available in different colors. Although, its natural wood color is a classic and preferred by many homeowners since the design stands the test of time. There are several species of wood that are used for plantation shutters. Composite woods or several species combined. Cedarwood is recommended since it is resistant to rot and insects, advisable for those areas with a high level of bugs density. Basswood is flexible when it comes to styling and designing it. This type of plantation shutters could be sanded and painted to whatever color you desire. Similar to Basswood, Alder is a type of wood species that are used for plantation shutters. It is also durable and easy to be painted over by what color you prefer.

Medium Density Fiber

More affordable than wood, plantation shutters made out of medium density fiber are still low maintenance and durable even if they are essentially made out of sawdust that was glued together and molded into the shape of the shutters. These shutters also come in different styles, could not be easily warped and invulnerable to chipping.


The word synthetics have a negative connotation like cheap, fake and of low quality. But, plantation shutters made out of synthetic materials is a far cry from these connotations. They are significantly more affordable than wood, resistant to water and fire and contrary to popular belief, non-toxic. However, Plantation shutters blue mountains have the best synthetic shutters with aluminum braces to impede sagging.


Plantation shutters made out of vinyl are best installed in the kitchen or outside of the home because they are resistant to moisture and heat. If you have Jacuzzis or swimming pools, vinyl shutters are your best bet. If you are also living near the ocean, vinyl is resistant to saltwater. Vinyl is also easier to clean and resistant to dents or scratches that are very visible on wood.


Plantation shutters made out of aluminum are one of the sturdiest. If you purchase made out of aluminum, you would not be bothered with rust issues since the material is corrosion resistant. Just make sure that when you do purchase plantation shutters made out of aluminum that all the attachments are also made out of stainless steel. Otherwise, you’d still have issues with deteriorating shutters after some time.

No matter what type of plantation shutters you decided to use for your home, nothing beats proper care and attention. Ensuring that your shutters are maintained would extend their lifespan and would be able to serve you and your family for a long time.


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