Tips For Creating Your Very Own Man Cave That Will Make Your Friends Envious

A man cave is one of those dreams almost every guy holds close to his heart from a very young age. If you’re finally going to have that dream come true, why not make it in a way that makes your friends envious?

Give It A Reason To Exist

For a single man, a man cave needs no reason to come to life. However, if you happen to be a family man, you might end up having to justify your reasons for having a man. Put the practical reasons in the front; a spot for you and your spouse to watch movies without the kids interrupting…the man cave can double as your home office etc. Then bring out the dreams you’ve held close to your heart.

Select The Correct Spot

A man cave is only as successful as the spot you choose for it. Ideally, it needs to be separated from the rest of the house, yet in easy access for food and toilet usage. It also needs to be large enough for all that you want to include there. Basements, unused garages, attics or even a spare room will do. If none of these options are available to you, and you have space, consider building yourself an underground man cave. Of course, you’ll need help of professionals such as engineers for it. You could even try to get help online from sites such as

Plan The Plumbing If The Spot Happens To Be Separate From The Rest Of The House

One thing to keep in mind when selecting the spot for the man cave, is that if it happens to be separate from the rest of the house, you will need to install a half bath for easy access to a bathroom. This can be a fairly inexpensive project, but you may need to see to the plumbing ahead of time… 

Consider Hiring A Professional For The Decorating

You might think your male choices alone will be sufficient to decorate a great looking man cave; but if you try doing so, you’ll soon find out that you can be quite wrong. It’s more likely that you’d get carried away and end up creating a room even you’re not happy with it. Hiring a professional interior decorator is a better option.

Create A Budget For The Project

Like all home renovation projects, it’s vital that you create a budget for this project. This will help you see how much you need to prepare to spend. And while we understand that harnessing your dreams can be hard, try your best not to go overboard with the luxuries. Do your utmost to stick to the budget; especially when buying your “toys”.

Include Your Personal Interests

It’s your man cave, so everything that interests you works. Pool tables, wall to wall flat screens, surround sound systems, a fully equipped bar…anything you can afford can easily be included keeping in mind the budget and the available space. But if you’re not a fan of watching movies or playing video games, we suggest avoiding the huge TV; it’s a cost you’ll never enjoy for yourself.

Luxury Lies In Comfort And Easy Access 

The true meaning of a luxurious man cave is a man cave that has everything that you want and need. If your man cave has proper ventilation, you could even consider having a little kitchen unit down there. If not, then a mini-fridge will automatically make the space feel luxurious; especially if it’s stocked with drinks you don’t have to share!


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