Ways To Have A Low Maintenance Home

Having your own home is just delightful – you can stay on the couch all day, you can cook whatever you want, and you can dress the way you prefer. You can do anything you want without being anxious about what other people might think about you. These are advantages of having your own home. However, the downside is that you have a ton of mess to clean up. Well, the maintenance duties come with owning a home, but you can’t escape this responsibility. Then again, you can do something about. Just keep in mind the following points during the construction phase of your house to make sure that it’s low maintenance.


If you are unaware of it, the grout in between the tiles of the floor is the place where dirt usually settles. Initially, the grout would have the same color as your tiles. However, over time, it would turn dark due to dirt that has accumulated. However, if you select a different material with little gaps, the dirt could be controlled. In the end, all that you will ever need is a mop and a broom. The possible options that are available for you include vinyl, polished concrete Brisbane, and parquet.


To ensure a low maintenance house, your walls should be kept free and simple. If you are thinking of including cornices, you should know that these are major dust collectors that you should stay away from. The protruded edges are considered as the most ideal spot for spiders, lizards, roaches, and other insects to settle into. Not only that, should you have cornices or protruded edges, the responsibility of keeping them clean lies on you. So save yourself the hassle from cleaning these unnecessary decorations, and skip these ideas.

Sofa Material

The sofa material is one of the crucial choices that you will make when constructing your house. Although the fabric is so cozy to stay in and so lovely to look at, it is difficult to clean. If you have kids who often eat on the sofa, it would be best for you to select a leather sofa material. Among the available sofa materials, the leather is one that is easy to wipe. However, if you really like the fabric because it is so cozy, you should use a stain-resistant fabric such as the suede, or apply a stain-resistant substance such as the Scotchgard. Through these, you will no longer incur any problems with your sofa material.

Glass and Mirror

One of the hardest things to clean in the house is the glass and mirror. These are the ones that are very much prone to the fingerprints that blur the glasses and mirrors. Although the general rule dictates that the use of these materials provides an illusion that the space is bigger, you should think again about using it as it is a high maintenance material. If you really want to use glass and mirrors, you can consider a frosted glass that is low maintenance.

Spare yourself from the tiring cleaning duties that you have to do for your house. Consider these tips to help you effortlessly maintain your home.


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