Ways To Protect Your Home From Intruders

As a homeowner, if you want to attain true peace of mind, you must do more than just paint walls with harmonizing colours and decorate the house with attractive ornaments. A well-fortified home that protects its occupants from the dangers that intruders can cause is a true safe haven that a family can feel safe in. What can you do to create such a well-protected living space? Here are a few ways to achieve this goal.

A Privacy Fencing

A burglar will only attempt to steal what they lay their devious eyes on! Therefore, by constructing a solid fence that keeps all unwanted eyes from the inside of your property is a great way to keep all your prized possessions hidden. Also, even if they can climb over the fence, since the structure acts as a barrier that obstructs easy movement in and out of the property, most burglars will prefer to move on to another easier target, overlooking your residence.


While curb appeal is important, keep in mind that security gains precedence over it! No matter how great that high shrubbery may look during the day, by night, they provide opportunistic burglars with ideal hiding places that can conceal them from anyone. Trim down the shrubbery situated in front of entry points to your houses such as windows and doors and get rid of all unnecessary ones.


Entry doors to your home must be strong and sturdy structures that can render any effort to break in ineffective. You can further reinforce the entry doors by contacting manufacturers of screen doors Essendon. Ideally, an entry door must be made of solid wood or metal and at least one and three fourths of an inch in thickness. When securing the door to the frame or the wall, high-quality hardware and locks must be used. The quality of the nails, screws, bolts and locks used will determine the overall strength of the structure, and a door that is strong is able to withstand a higher amount of damage.


Install windows that do not open at a 90-degree angle as these can be used by intruders to quietly sneak inside the house without having break-in. Windows that do not open any more than 6-inches are ideal and if the ones you already have open way beyond that, install a window stop which will limit the opening. The curtains and the blinds must be drawn down whenever you leave home or at night when you go to bed. This is to keep any unwanted eyes out of your home.

Security System Signage

Whether you have actually set up a security system or not, merely placing a sign on the gate or at the entrance to your property will scare off any crook who doesn’t want to take the risk. Intruders always prefer houses that they can enter and exit without having to go through any added trouble and they are highly unlikely to make a gamble after seeing a sign that says your home is protected by a security system.


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