What To Watch Out For When Buying An Old House

Old homes certainly have their charm but unfortunately, those charms do tend to come at a price. Some homeowners don’t do their research and once they find the house of their dreams, they make all the arrangements without fixing or being aware of any structural issues the house may have. Later they’re caught off guard by problems that arise. An old home is invaluable to own so make you avoid this mistake however by keeping the following issues in mind when you go to inspect the next old home that comes your way.

Toxic Materials

Asbestos was a flame retardant used in houses. It was banned in the late 80s because it was discovered to be toxic for our health, and could even bring about cancer. Most old homes since have removed and replaced this toxic material but you can never be too sure. By hiring a health inspector you’ll be able to have your worries taken care of.


Once you clear the house of any toxic materials, this is the next most important step! The foundation may be susceptible to cracks, sinking in, leaning etc. And that very house sits on this foundation so it’s imperative that you conduct an inspection to find out exactly where your foundation is lacking. Keep in mind that some small cracks tend to be normal, so keep calm and have an inspector verify everything for you.

Electrical Systems

The electrical systems in these homes, unless updated recently, were built for people a long time ago, who hardly used electronics. When you move in bringing all your appliances in tow, from the washing machine to the laptop and television, the house might not be equipped to support all of them. If you see sparks flying, plugs getting heated and so on then this is a definite sign you need to get an electrician over stat.


In your Inspections, don’t forget to check for any roofing issues like missing or broken shingles, moss, and cluttered gutters. Even then there will be issues that you overlook that can only be spotted by a professional. There also other unappealing situations that require cosmetic fixing like peeling paint and stains. The roof over your head requires just as much attention, so make sure to contact roof restorations in Hervey Bay if you spot anything!


Energy consumption has become something to watch out for only in recent years but older homes hardly held any aspects of this in their original designs. This means you’ll want to upgrade the house’s insulation capabilities. Also, make sure to check if the windows are a single pane. You’ll want to Change this as well if you expect efficient heating or cooling systems and thus, aim to reduce energy wastage.


You’ll also want to make sure to check the house for pests and termites because this is quite a common issue in older homes. Especially those with older wood that has been the victim of plumbing issues before. These pests can be incredibly difficult to get rid of so before you make any permanent decisions, make sure that this home is insect free.

These are the most common issues you’ll want to watch out for when looking at older homes. Be smart, inspect the place thoroughly and fix what you can before you settle in!


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