Why You Should Use Timber For Your Doors

Spending more on timber doors is advisable since there are a lot of benefits of using one. Timber is sturdy, it is an insulator that keeps home warm during winter and cold during summer. It is also sustainable and renewable so you would not have to be concerned on how timber production affects the environment. Most of all, timber is a classic. After several years it still looks dated and trendy.

Timber Is Sturdy

The first quality of the material you should consider for your door is that it is sturdy, especially if it is your front door. It is proven to lasts longer than any other materials used for doors such as aluminum, uPVC or other synthesized materials. When timber is damaged, it could be repaired even if the wreckage is structural. If a door is made of aluminum and damage is visible or it is bent, the door needs to be replaced altogether. Timber lasts longer, hence you don’t have to keep on replacing your doors every time. Since your doors are there to protect you and to give you privacy.

Timber Is An Insulator

If you live somewhere cold, one of the things you could do to save on electric bills is to use timber for your doors since timber is a great insulator because of the air pockets in its structure. Because of these air pockets, timber doors help in making the room warmer or cooler, depending on the weather which aids in cutting down the cost of electricity.

Timber Is Environmentally Friendly

Another reason why you should consider purchasing a door made out of timber is because it is environmentally friendly. Timber is self-sustaining and considered a renewable material since every time a tree is used for construction and building another one is planted in place of it. Since there is a constant demand for timber, planting trees and growing forests are the result to answer this demand. Purchasing timber doors melbourne also helps with minimizing the emission of carbon dioxide since timber construction is more viable compared to other materials.

Timber Is A Classic

You would not want to keep changing your door just because the design is outdated. Choosing a door that is classic would withstand the times. If the door is not outdated, there is no need to update it, therefore no extra expenses incurred especially if the door is still looking brand new does not show any visible wear and tear and still serving its purpose. If you purchase a door or have it customized using timber, you need not worry about having it replaced after only a couple of years.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider using timber for your doors. Sure, it is more expensive compared to other materials but the benefits of using them are worth it. Of course, timber doors are still prone to rotting and weathering but proper maintenance and care for the door could keep it looking brand new even after years of being used.


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